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Educational and Research Services

  • Undergraduate training in Marine Sciences

    Oceanus-Lab (Laboratory of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography) is part of the Department of Geology of the University of Patras.

    The courses that are developed and taught by the professors of Oceanus-Lab at undergraduate level are:

    1. Principles of Oceanography

    The main introductory course in oceanography and corresponding courses related to marine sciences.

    Through this course the students are introduced to oceanography and learn how they can explore a largely unexplored environment, by learning basic principles, features, and technologies of studying the oceans.

    Moreover, they get acquainted with the dynamics of planet earth with emphasis on the aquatic environment.

    Principles of Oceanography

    2. Remote Sensing in the Marine Environment

    The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the geological processes acting on the seabed by employing remote sensing applications. The ultimate purpose of the course is the sustainable management of the marine environment by exploring, documenting, and studding marine geological hazards (i.e., offshore active faults, landslides, etc.), submarine fluid flows, marine resources (mineral and biological), underwater cultural heritage sites, and underwater constructions and installations.

    3. Paleo-oceanography, Paleo-climatology

    The aim of the course is to introduce students to the study of climate change causes and implications. The students learn to link climate change to the evolution of planet earth and past civilizations and collection, analysis, interpretation and synthesis of quality data regarding the paleo- and modern environment practice in the of environmental data practice in the of multidisciplinary data.

    Paleo-oceanography, Paleo-climatology

    4. Environmental Oceanography

    All human activities that are sources of pressures on the marine environment are presented, in conjunction with methodologies, approaches, and technologies for the impact assessment.

    Environmental Oceanography

  • Post-graduate Training in Marine Sciences

    Interdepartmental MSc Oceanography - Exploration, Assessment and Management of Marine Environment

    The programme aims to provide high quality postgraduate education and to train aspiring scientists in methodologies and techniques related to the management of marine technical projects, in the protection of the marine environment in cases of pollution and degradation, in the assessment of fish stocks and fisheries management, in the basic methods of aquaculture, as well as in the management of marine natural and cultural heritage. The scientists, upon completion of their studies, are able to staff private and public services and organizations, to implement European Directives concerning the marine environment or to proceed to doctoral studies.

    Interdepartmental MSc: Oceanography - Exploration, Assessment and Management of the Marine Environment

  • Fundamental and Applied Research


    • Marine Geology
    • Physical Oceanography
    • Marine Pollution
    • Coastal Protection and Management
    • Paleoclimatology/Palaeoceanography - Global Climate Change
    • Habitat Mapping
    • Environmental Oceanography
    • Marine Geoarchaeology
    • Gas Geochemistry
    • Scientific Engineering
    • Managerial and Consulting Services to Environmental Agencies, Local Authorities and the Private Sector