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Papers Published in Scientific Journals

Kozanoglou C., Triantaphyllou M.V., Geraga M., Rousakis G., Papatheodorou G., Arabas A., Dimiza M.D., Gogou A. (2023) A high-resolution study of planktonic foraminifera during the Holocene at the Tilos-Symi sea basin in the SE Aegean Sea. Holocene, 33 (11), pp. 1317 - 1332
DOI: 10.1177/09596836231185831

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Fakiris E, Papatheodorou G, Christodoulou D, Roumelioti Z, Sokos E, Geraga M, Giannakopoulos V, Dimas X, Ferentinos G. Using (2023) Distributed Temperature Sensing for Long-Term Monitoring of Pockmark Activity in the Gulf of Patras (Greece): Data Processing Hints and Preliminary Findings. Sensors 23(20):8520.

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Fakiris E., Dimas X., Giannakopoulos V., Geraga M., Koutsikopoulos C., Ferentinos G., Papatheodorou G. (2023) Improved predictive modelling of coralligenous formations in the Greek Seas incorporating large-scale, presence–absence, hydroacoustic data and oceanographic variables, Frontiers Mar. Sci. Volume 10 

Fakiris E., Giannakopoulos V., Leftheriotis G., Dimas A., Papatheodorou G. (2023) Predictive Mapping of Mediterranean Seagrasses-Exploring the Influence of Seafloor Light and Wave Energy on Their Fine-Scale Spatial Variability, Remote Sens. 15(11), 2943

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