Oceanus-Lab's double contribution to a special issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

The first volume of the special issue entitled "Advanced Technologies for Maritime and Underwater Archaeology" of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (IF: 2.744) has been completed, along with a short editorial  by the guest editors, one of whom is the head of Oceanus-Lab, Dr George Papatheodorou.      In the aforementioned volume, work by our laboratory, dedicated to the wrecks of Methoni, which were studied and mapped with marine geophysical methods, is presented. A piece of excellent work, by P. Gkionis, in the context of his PhD thesis.            The publishing date of...

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The past is the key to the future...

By Alexandra Noti. The inhabitation of the coastal zone by humans has been a tipping point in history for their societal, economic, and cultural evolution. Silled semi-enclosed coastal basins have widely provided evidence for sea level and climate change in the past. Such research has helped us to understand how the environment evolved throughout time and enabled us to predict future changes and which regions will be at higher risk. According to research conducted by Oceanus lab and partners, the post-last glacial sea level rise affected the coastal geomorphological and environmental conditions...

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