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Patras - Earthquake: The danger from the Psathopyrgos fault and the craters that "steam" in the port

EARTHQUAKES IN PATRAS AND CRATERS IN THE NEW PORT In addition to the 2008 earthquake, which Patra...

The beaches and the seabed are "drowning" in masks

SARS-CoV-2 has raised a wave of pollution, with its waste polluting the seas and threatening sea ...

A sea of rubbish: Ocean floor landfills

The long journey of litter to seafloor The Messina Strait, a submarine bridge separating the isl...

Biggest ever Roman shipwreck found in the eastern Mediterranean

(CNN) — Two thousand years ago, this ship was crossing the Mediterranean Sea full of its cargo o...

Patra University experts helping establish location of ancient Byblos Harbor

The green cedar tree at the center of Lebanon’s flag is a symbol connecting the Eastern Mediterra...

Remains of ancient shipwrecks in the bay of Methoni

Two shipwrecks on the surface of the seabed in the bay of Methoni were identified and recorded by...

The "lifeless" life of methane

The pioneering work of the American mineralogist, T. P. Thayez, in 1966, formed the basis for sub...

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